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The LMC Group is a performance based company specializing in development and real estate related ventures, sales, new construction, and fixed real estate related asset sales. Our people are real estate, and have been participating and working in the field for over 25 years. Experience is a given with LMC. Based in Wilmington, NC, The LMC Group contains a full-service commercial real estate company, a full service residential real estate company, a project specific development company,  and an asset based sales and marketing arm.  We are dedicated to helping property owners, buyers of real estate, sellers of real estate, developers, and investors understand and navigate the eastern North Carolina real estate market. We are an active, boots on the ground company. The LMC Group provides out of the box solutions and profit potential to any deal.  Our strengths and experience brings credibility to any situation.  We remain grounded and provide a boots on the ground approach, not just pass the deal around and see what happens.  We are aggressive in our approach and work circles around our competition.  We enable our customers and clients to make the best decisions possible by providing strategic consulting and transaction services that enhance value, reduce costs and manage risk.  We may participate in a deal or simply provide the know how, which allows our customers and clients to decide for themselves the best approach for achieving their goals. Give us a call today.  See for yourself how we work.  We are performance based and gladly meet with anyone that needs assistance.  Our initial discovery is free of charge.  Our promise to you is that we will put forth the effort to evaluate what you have, determine where you want to be, and if we can’t help you, then we will place you in touch with the right person who can. Call or email us today...............
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