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With The LMC Group, we know that real estate is vital to our economy.  It's about creating projects that benefit the surrounding community and doing so in an environmentally conscious manner.  It’s about creating a lifestyle for people that reflects a sense of pride.  Whether it's developing your neighborhood shopping center, converting vacant land into mixed-use development, injecting investor capital to complete your original project, converting your project to a more economically viable profit center, or simply buying or selling a house, we are committed to exceeding expectations and providing our clients with a better understanding on how to achieve these goals. The LMC Group has always been vested in our economy.  We remain committed to the individuals, companies, and government entities that provide services to  our community.  We maintain strong working relationships with the powers that be.  If you are having a problem getting something approved, look no further  than The LMC Group.  Our years of experience and relationships can generally aid in any process.  We have been here for over 25 years and continue to do  business through economic booms and economic disasters. Most recently, our economy has seen its share of economic disaster, yet our clients seem to rise  above the hurdles.  Our Programs deliver proven strategies, and our team is fully capable of managing any real estate endeavor from beginning to the end.  We understand the  financial components and the accounting. We believe any deal out there must work for all the parties involved, so structure and communication is essential to us.  • Knowledgeable, Hard Working Experienced Professionals • Strong Relationships with Municipalities, Builders, Developers, Individuals, Capital Partners • Over 25 Years Experience in the Real Estate Field • Boots on the Ground Approach • Past Proven Successes • Performance Participation The LMC Group Stands above all others, give us a call today!  We can help! 
Wilmington NC Real Estate lmc real estate wilmington nc real estate lmc real estate

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