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The LMC Group provides consulting services for anyone needing real estate help. From buying a house, to drafting and developing a mixed use development, our group is a seasoned group of professionals dedicated to our clients.  In most instances, our consulting services compensation is covered in the transaction, with no out of pocket expenditures, Utilizing The LMC Group is rewarding to say the least.  Our clients always come out on top, we make sure of it. From helping individuals with a home to completing a mixed use development, LMC people have the knowledge and experience to guide anyone down their unique path. Our list of successes include but are not limited to: Refiring Broken Subdivisions, completing full entitlements, renewing entitlements, purchasing bank notes, purchasing foreclosed properties, saving individuals from bank foreclosure on their properties, unraveling cross collateralized assets, resetting property values for advanced sales, bulk purchases, special asset purchases, restructuring debt service, saving a family’s home from foreclosure, marketing business assets, debtor short sale workouts, full scale development and delivery of infrastructure, builder placement and new home community setup, commercial property restructure and completion, multifamily land deals, stalled community cleanup and recertification of sewer and water lines, dedication of roads to DOT standards. The LMC Group is here for you, whatever you need done.  Our partners, business associates, relationships and in house professionals allow us to cover the broad spectrum to offer such wide range of services.  LMC is the go to company, just ask! • Knowledgeable, Hard Working Experienced Professionals • Strong Relationships with Municipalities, Builders, Developers, Individuals, Capital Partners • Over 25 Years Experience in the Real Estate Field • Boots on the Ground Approach • Past Proven Successes • Performance Participation The LMC Group Stands above all others, give us a call today!  Utlilize our expertise!
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