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The LMC Group knows numbers.  It’s all about the numbers!  If we can make the numbers work for the end project, we can create the returns.  After the slump in the economy, with 3 failed banking institutions just in this area of North Carolina, The LMC Group set on a mission to help jump start the economy by resetting failed projects and creating jobs.  We took broken projects and stand alone real estate properties that were once bad assets, fixed the problems associated with these assets, and turned these projects into financial formulas and profit centers for our partners while creating jobs and tax revenues for the municipalities.  In return for helping us, our capital partners received huge investment returns on their investment and phenomenal IRR’s.  In any of our deals and restructuring opportunities, our investors get their original investment back first before any profits flow out creating a win win for everyone. The LMC Group has always been vested in our economy.  We remain committed to the individuals, companies, and government entities that provide services to our community.  We realize that partnerships can be beneficial and no one can do everything by themselves.  Partnering with strong like minded individuals and companies, with a common goal of helping others, has proven to be very successful. The partners we have in place continue to be pleased with our results. LMC is a results oriented company.  Our formula for successful ventures is proven. Let us show you  how...... • Knowledgeable, Hard Working People • Strong Relationships with Municipalities, Builders, Developers, Individuals, Capital Partners • Over 25 Years Experience in the Real Estate Field • Boots on the Ground Approach • Past Proven Successes • Performance Participation The LMC Group Stands above all others, give us a call today! 
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