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Marketing Matters!   Unless you fly by the seat of your pants, it is crucial to have a formulated proven plan for sales strategies and marketing.  Without knowing who your customers are, you may be embarking on a project with no end game.  Additionally, even if the statistics say the customers are there for your product; unless you have a plan to reach those customers, you really have no customer.  It is crucial to any given project to be able to deliver the information needed to obtain, maintain, and convert your customer base. The LMC Group has been on the leading edge of marketing and sales strategies for over two decades.  When the economy turned sour in 2007, The LMC Group kept going.  Through the good times and the difficult times, LMC has the knowledge and experience to find the customer.  It is very important to utilize the tools out there for customer generation and not necessarily follow the pack.  We witnessed quite a few companies follow the pack in the downturn in the economy and fail.  The LMC Group saw the writing on the wall, and shifted the focus on marketing to some out of the box solutions and survived.  Our experience takes us into the lead for marketing and strategies. We have traveled the country with our products, promoted different ideas, and in some cases peeled back the marketing budgets and reworked project structures and reset the marketplace for success.  Look to The LMC Group to create strategic marketing, therefore creating marketing success. • Knowledgeable, Hard Working Experienced Professionals • Strong Relationships with Municipalities, Builders, Developers, Individuals, Capital Partners • Over 25 Years Experience in the Real Estate Field • Boots on the Ground Approach • Past Proven Successes • Performance Participation The LMC Group Stands above all others, give us a call today!  We can help!
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